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Working psychologically with people comes with great responsibility. You're facilitating significant change in the minds and hearts of your clients, regardless of your approach. How far are you willing and able to go? Who do you agree to work with, who do you refer? What to do when you feel stuck with a client and who to turn to when you find yourself triggered by a challenging conversation? 

Supervision is a safe and confidential place for you to discuss and reflect on your practice, receive feedback, question and explore the way you work with your clients, challenge yourself and learn. As a result you'll be more aware, broaden the scope of your interventions, find or internalize your individual coaching style and create effective ways forward for your clients wherever you may feel stuck or don't know what to do.

Supervision works in groups and individually, online or in person. I offer different formats depending on where you are in your professional journey and what you are looking to get out of the supervision space. Feel free to explore this space a little and, when you're ready, why not book in a free consultation so we can get to know each other and talk about how I can help you take your practice to the next level. 


Since 2008 I've been helping people think and grow, personally and professionally, through a range of services. With a background in Psychology (BSc), Applied Positive Psychology (MSc) and Existential Coaching (MA) I was the Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London (2015-2018) and have developed and facilitated ICF-accredited coach training for Animas Centre for Coaching as well as taught at a few other institutions. I've been writing about coaching and have presented at conferences internationally. I've created my signature approach, Rocket Supervision, during my Diploma in Coaching Supervision and my book, An Introduction to Existential Coaching, has been published by Routledge, the world's leading academic publisher. 


Pathways to Growth

The aim of a supervision relationship is to offer support for your professional coaching practice. As your supervisor I will be a fellow traveler on your professional dev...
Traditional Supervision
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Integrative Supervision
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Rocket Supervision
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Group Supervision
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Coach Training

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“Yannick supervised my coaching practice in its infancy, during 2016-17. His thoughtful and positive style of supervision really helped me to get a handle on my strengths as a coach and more importantly, to believe in them. Having Yannick to refer to, whatever the question or concern, was hugely developmental: I would recommend him to anyone who wants to push their coaching practice to new levels of impact.”

Heather, Coach-in-Training, UK

“Thank you for holding this space for me yesterday. I would like to share that since our discussion something new emerged in me. I manage for the first time to approach my self as I am. No need for titles, no need for roles, no need for proofs or explanations in this sense. A profound acceptance and understanding of my naked self has emerged. I am grateful!”

Supervision Group Member, Greece

"Our shit gets in the way. Yannick calls it like it is. But in a gentle way. He helped me to reframe a major challenge that was getting in the way of growing my practice. Which enabled me to shift my perspective. Having the space to think, ponder, test, expand ideas, helped me to see the value I offer to my clients.

Marcie Boyer, Existential Life Coach, UK

"Every time I walk out with more clarity and amazing resources to support me in my coaching practice. The energy in the supervision allows me to feel really comfortable within the space. It’s free flowing and structured at the same time making sure we get the most out of the time together."

Maria-Katharina Richters, Transformational Art Therapy Coach, Germany

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